Bridge Tallies

  • I know that I will enjoy using the tallies. They are quite unique! - Edna, Manhattan KS

  • Really pleased with the tallies & happy I located you! - Barbara, Lincoln NE

  • The “ladies” are very pleased with your product. I’m sure I can get you a few more orders, especially when the gals return in the fall. - Barbara, Palm Desert CA

  • We had dinner and bridge at M & B’s last night, and I took the tallies with me. They were very pleased. - Nancy, Charlotte NC

  • Every time I use your bridge tallies people ask me where I got them - Laurie, Naperville IL (A later note from Laurie: Everybody loves your tallies. The more new people see them the more they want them.)

Smart Colors Playing cards

  • 4-color decks are VERY popular with online poker. I play a great deal online, and have become accustomed to the 4-color deck. I suggest you do a little more advertising. The 4-color decks are hard to find. - Paul, New York

  • This morning I receive the cards, thanks for all. The cards are Fantastic. Very Very Thanks. - Flavio, Rome Italy

  • For years I’ve wondered why someone didn’t change the colors. -Thelma, Anaheim CA

  • They’re unique. I want two more sets. - Don, Fullerton CA

  • I think you should call them “Cards for Kids.” - Patrick, age 15, Stafford VA


  • They’re wonderful! I had seen them in an expensive gift shop. - Joan, Newport News VA

  • I love these coasters! I would like to order 6 more sets. - Fran, Whittier CA

  • I need another set. - Alice, Villa Park CA

  • They’re lovely. I’m glad I ordered them. Thank you so much. - Shirley, Pismo Beach CA

  • They’re great. The caddy is nice. - Jean, St. Louis MO

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